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Our team can be on-site to manage server decommissioning, including removing IT assets from racks, cabling and rack removal. We can also arrange for hardware recycling and asset resale. Project managed throughout.

Data Centre relocation, decommissioning or build’s require detailed planning, quick turnaround times and coordinated parallel activities. We provide complete asset tracking and decommission services to support Data Centre upgrades and decommissioning.

Our team offers a defined process, project management services and full accountability, while ensuring business continuity, data security, and environmentally responsible reuse or recycling of retired equipment.


A complete physical inventory is conducted. This service ensures accurate and complete IT asset manifests are created and verified before assets are transferred for final asset disposition. This allows for end to end tracking.


Our technical teams will be on-site to manage equipment decommissioning, including removing IT assets from racks, cable disconnection and removal. Followed by rack and rack accessory removal where required.


We offer several data destruction options to meet your contractual data regulations in order to ensure all data is eradicated from dedicated storage devices and on-board hard drives in any data bearing asset.


Decommissioned assets are prepared for removal and disposition as per client objectives. Ready for reuse, resale or recycling through the relevant channels and vendors ensuring all contractual directives are met.


Depending on condition and age, assets will be redeployed, resold or recycled. This service allows clients realize significant value recovery which can help offset the cost of decommissioning, data destruction and project costs.


Assets deemed beyond recovery are passed to 3rd party vendors to ensure certified environmentally responsible recycling. Regardless of reuse, recycle or resale assets are tracked end to end throughout the project.

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