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Data transport appliances.

Simple data migration

Monkeybyte is a data transport solution that uses custom in-house built appliances to transfer large amounts of client data. Using Monkeybyte helps address common challenges with large-scale data transfers including high network costs, long transfer times, and security concerns. Transferring data with Monkeybyte is simple, fast, secure and can be a significant saving on time and bandwidth.

With Monkeybyte, you don’t need to purchase any hardware to transfer your data. Simply get in touch with your project requirements and an appliance will be delivered to you. Once on-site, attach the appliance to your network, configure IP or default to DHCP and start copying. We can also tailor the appliance to your specific project & infrastructure requirements.


If you have large quantities of data you need to migrate, Monkeybyte is often much faster and more cost-effective than transferring that data over the Internet. Easing  data centre & migration to cloud project data move requirements.


Use Monkeybyte appliances if you regularly receive or need to share large amounts of data with clients, customers, or business units. Simple pricing for the duration of the lease, remove the need for additional hardware or network links.


Lease one or multiple units by day, week or month. We supply, transport and securely delete data on completion of the migration project. Transferring data with Monkeybyte is simple, fast, secure, and significantly saves on bandwidth usage, cost and availabillity. Can also be supplied as a stand-alone Veeam or Zerto box for pre-seeding your virtual machine data.


Boxes support NFS, iSCSI and CIFS out of the box. With connectivity ports offering multiple 1 GBE or 10 GBE connections and link aggregation options spanning adaptive load balancing, LACP (802.1AX) & active/passive for failover. Boxes can be sent pre-configured for your specific requirements or client configured on-site.


All appliances are custom built and racked into industry standard heavy-duty robust moulded or trunk style road flight cases, depending on weight. Ready to use and ship as is. We can also arrange secure transport of the Monkeybyte between client sites and assist with setup or simply supply for your internal project use and collect on completion.

Monkeybyte 20

Compact, robust and portable with 22TB usable capacity. Quiet in operation and suitable for any office environment. GPS tagged for tracking via our portal.

Gen8 MicroServer

OS options of RockStor (default), CentOS 7, VMware ESXi 6u2/6.5 or Server 2012 supplied on client request.

Intel I5 3Ghz CPU, 16GB Memory, BBWC Raid controller, 4x 6TB IronWolf ENT 7.2k HDDs, 2x 1GbE ports.

Compact server shipped in a IP rated heavy duty flight case. Dimensions (56 x 14 x 41 cm) and approx. weight 9Kgs.

225 MB/s reading and 186 MB/s writing, tested under Linux over NFS.

1x IEC C13/14 socket, 1.2 Amps nominal usage.

Available with 48 hrs notice including delivery.

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Monkeybyte 100

Compact and mobile, wheel straight into your Data Centre or comms room. With 100 TB of useable capacity. GPS tagged for tracking via our portal.

4U60 SAN Server

FreeNAS v11, tuned for 10 GbE, seperate SSD cache for Zil/ARC.

Intel Xeon E5-2660, 64GB Memory, 28x 4TB WD Gold 7.2k HDDs, 2x 1GbE and 2x 10GbE network ports.

4u server housed in a robust heavy duty road trunk flight case with castors. Dimensions (56 x 50 x 80 cm) and approx. weight 24Kgs.

676 MB/s reading and 592 MB/s writing, tested under Linux over NFS.

1x IEC C19/20 socket, 2 Amps nominal usage.

Available with 72 hrs notice including delivery.