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Online GPS Tracking

Simple GPS tracking

Based on our GPS cloud platform used to track our fleet, flight cases and appliances. Due to popular demand our now extending this for client use via our MonkeyTrack service. Easily and simply track your vehicles, mobile devices and just about anything that needs GPS tracking online. Add device by App or simple local configuration for hardware devices.

Supporting Android, Apple and a vast array of GPS hardware devices. Get setup quickly and start tracking today. Platform supports: device location, live tracking and geofencing. Get alerts by email and SMS for your set alarms. Easily add your devices and report on trips, distance and locations.

Quickly Locate Devices

Quickly see all your device locations and location history. Assign device geofencing or alerts.

Real-Time Device Tracking

Track your assets in real time, get alerts when devices move beyond assigned gps boundries.

Cloud Hosted

Access your GPS metrics from anywhere on any device, via web or the manager app. Easily add and manage additional users & devices.

Protect Assets

Valuable assets left on client site can be tracked and alerts created for movement.

Mobile Device Tracking

Protect Mobile devices with native Apps. Using GPRS/3G/4G and WIFI for data connectivity.

GPS Hardware Trackers

Utilise existing or recommended hardware GPS tracking devices for hard wiring into vehicles for full telemetrics.

Dashboard Pane

Quick overview of all your assigned devices, filter, report and track with ease.

Device Location History

Get historical GPS data: Locations, distance, routes and speeds. Cut down on unathorized vehicle use.

Cost Effective

Low cost monthly pricing, get started with a free 30 day trial and devices as your fleet grows with no contracts.

Fancy a test drive? Click for a free 30 day trial

Install App

Download the client application from the Google Play or App Store. Then add the URL and make a note of the device ID for the next step and enable the service.

MonkeyTrack Client App URL
MonkeyTrack Client App ID

Add Device

Logon to the portal and add a new device. Choose your preferred name and add the device identifier. Within 15 minutes you will start to see your device GPS data.

MonkeyTrack Add Device

Start Tracking

Now you can locate, track and report on your active devices. See routes, speed and time points. Create alarms and geofencing to get alerts on specific GPS activity.

MonkeyTrack Device Map

Hardware Devices

We support over a hundred different hardware based GPS trackers, from portable to hard wired. Add the device in the usual way, if your device does not become active after 15 minutes, please contact support and we can troubleshoot.
Hardware GPS Device

GPS Tracking Quote

Simple monthly pricing, choose the number of devices required. Get in touch today for a bulk quote or register today to start with the free 30 day trial.

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